about arbol

founded in 2016 by joseph schrunk. started by a kid with a dream as a t-shirt company that then grew into custom, reworked clothing. focusing on reworking old, unwanted articles of clothing and giving them a new life. currently based in austin, texas as of 2021.

denim is my favorite material to work with. i think it comes from my grandma who once worked for levi’s. because of that i have always had an appreciation for quality denim in general, but specifically levi’s. i have been focusing on hand stitched applique denim for a couple years now and this is a path i want to work towards.

while i mostly focus on custom denim, i also like to make products that are available for everyday wear. examples being the “420” hats, the “all my friends are hot” tanks, the arbol beanie, or an occasional graphic t-shirt. i recently started making plushies and this is something i see myself venturing more into.

why arbol?

this is my heritage. i am hispanic with my cultural influence coming from the mexican side of my family. i knew when i started a clothing brand i had to tap into my roots. what better name than “arbol”. it means tree in spanish. trees are everywhere. inspiration is everywhere. everything is made with love.

- arbol jo

Sunday March 27 2022